Thanksgiving 2013

On Thanksgiving Eve, we went to a church service.  
Wish I got better pictures of everyone with their friends.  It was fun to see.  

Grateful for these two people who we get to enjoy in our lives.  

The last song, all Starfire alumni sing.    It was really special to see Matt, Stevie, and Chelsea all singing together.  We felt grateful that our children get to be a part of something so wonderful.  

Kimberly and Chelsea had a little reunion of their own.  Chelsea is always so happy when she gets to see her special friends.  Kimberly is so wonderful!!
 Then on to Thanksgiving dinner.  

Since Uncle Sam was not with us this year, so Matt took over duties of the gravy making with Grandpa.

My mother took over the mashed potatoes duty.  Apparently, I was not doing a good enough job to get the lumps out.  
 Matt is learning all the tricks of the trade.  

Chelsea set the table for all of us.  

We had a hard time coordinating the prayer.  
Not everyone got the cues of what was happening.  

THese two cuties enjoyed their own Thanksgiving dinner table.

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Monterey in November

The day before Thanksgiving, we went on a day trip to Monterey.  Steve and Marky decided to dress alike.  

The open sea exhibit was amazing to see.  

The closest we can get Matt to birds

We could not eat lunch outside, because of Matt's deep seeded, irrational fear of birds.  Comes from when the large bird snatched away his Lunchable at the zoo.  Poor Baby!  

Everyone hiked down to the water.

Except for Matt.  He stayed close by my side (there were birds everywhere). 

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October Happenings

Quick news to catch up October. . .

A weekend trip to Rome.

Celebrating Matt's birthday

Visits to the pumpkin patch.

Friends losing their front teeth together.

Finally wearing costumes that show our day jobs.
Family Halloween Party.  

School Party

Pumpkin Carving
Hmmmm, I don't think I got a picture of the finished products.  

Cutest Halloween Parade. Love the elementary school parades.

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