Labor Day Tahoe Trip 2013

We spent Labor Day in Tahoe with a few families.  

We were missing having four children, so Wyatt so kindly joined our family for the trip.  

And he is such a nice addition.

Tahoe was so fun with these talented women!!  Thanks for organizing Jenn!!

These cute cousins and "besties" enjoyed some fun time together.  

Quick little lunch break before going down the Truckee River.

We loved exploring some new places.  

We started on what was supposed to be a "1 mile hike" to the water falls.  

 The kids were really trying to hang in there.  

It ended up being more like a 5 mile hike with no water.

Fun pizza party by the pool.  

We had fun exploring the village at Squaw.  

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Stanford Pictures of Kids

Can these kids be any cuter?  Thank you Meghan!!

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Marky as a Tiger

Cute Marky went to his first scout meeting as a Tiger Scout. Stevie is going to be a Den Chief and help out the Den. So cute as they family scrapbooks.  
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All Fun and Games until Someone Gets an Enema

On a Sunday afternoon in September, we biked to Stanford. 

Steve had a great time showing us around campus and places he lived. 

We cooled off as the kids ran and played in the fountains. 

 Steven and Chelsea opted to run through the fountains. . .

While Marky chose to sit on the fountains. 

 As you can imagine, our leisure bike ride ended rather abruptly when an enema hit. 

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