First Day of School 2013

Hmmm, Somehow I missed this little gem of a post.

Here is our newest "Junior Higher."
6th Grade

At the Top of his Game.  Last year of Junior High.  
8th Grade

 With Orange Socks to add a Punch of Color.
First Grade

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Sonoma State College Drop off

Apparently, there was a wager put on when I would start crying on the day we took Matt to school.  Matt won because he said that I would start crying once we turned onto the campus.  He was right.  
We all hung out with Matt in his room.  

Roommates then, but not now. . . 

We were sad to say good-bye, but excited for his new adventures.  

Stevie and Matt got emotional saying good-bye.  

May God be with you when you are away from home.  

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Back to School Feast 2013

Ok, so I envision a huge event for our Back to School Feast.   Since this was going to be one our last dinners together before Matt left for school, I really wanted to have a special feast.

This year, even with all the planning, we ran out of time.  Had a hard time finding a time that worked with everyone.  So we scaled way down and had a "Make Your Own Pizza" night.

Then, the next morning when we were leaving to take Matt to school, we opened our Stars.  

Our 2013 theme for the year. . . 

And then HE was off. . .

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Trip to Sonoma County

Back in August, We spent a few days exploring Sonoma County. 
A few months late in posting our very fun trip.  
 We began our trip by biking through the vineyards.  

The next day, we  made our way to the Redwood Forest and biked through there.  

We stopped and read the Parable of the Redwood and talked about what lessons 
can we learn from the trees.  

The kids enjoyed watching movies in bed of course.  

We canoed down the Russian River.  

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Day Trip to Monterey

 I am becoming more and more backlogged in blog posts.  
We spent a day in Monterey (I think in August). 

We were hoping to see whales out there, but no such luck.  

We actually saw lots of other sea life at the Aquarium.  Marky had been asking to go there.  

Grandparents met us \there for ice-cream sundaes. 

Stevie's friend joined us for some fun.  

Enjoyed some exploing at Point Lobos.  

We tell the kids that people come from all over the world to see this famous coastal vista. 

Hopefully, they can appreciate the beauty of Point Lobos.  

Chelsea enjoying some meditation time.  
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