Palm Sunday

My favorite Sunday is Palm Sunday.  
 I love the kids all coming in with their palms celebrating.  

Stevie had his extra sparkly smile on.  

Wonder what the last minute instructions Carol was giving to Matt and Peter.  

Best picture of Carol.

Great expression captured.  

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GIFT- Pretzel Making

On a Friday during Lent, these cute girls came over for some fun and pretzel making.  

One of the girls brought their Japanese students to hang out with us.  They were so cute and eager to be here.  

I found out that many people make pretzels during Lent.  The pretzel symbolizes arms being folded in prayer.  

  The pretzels were so delicious -  finally came up with the most delicious and easiest pretzel recipe.  

Family Activity for Lent:
Making Pretzels
by Marcia Floding
Pretzels have an important meaning during Lent. Pretzels were made in the fifth century as a Lenten food in Austria, Germany, and Poland. People began to make them on Ash Wednesday, the very first day of Lent. The word "pretzel" is a German word meaning "little arms." The dough was shaped in such a way to look like two arms crossed in prayer.

Pretzels were made to take the place of bread, since milk, eggs, and fats were not used during Lent. On certain days during Lent it was the custom to give pretzels to the townspeople who were poor.
As a family, make some pretzels. Two variations for making pretzels are included on the back of this sheet. Enjoy the pretzels and let them remind you that Lent is a time of prayer.

 Before you eat the pretzels, say a prayer together:
Dear God, we ask you to bless these pretzels which we are about to eat. Each time we eat them may we be reminded that this is the season of Lent, a time of prayer. Help us to remember to pray for those who need our prayers each day. Keep your loving arms around us, O God, to protect us. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Adapted from "Pretzel Prayer," A Time of Hope: Family Celebrations and Activities for Lent and Easter, Morehouse-Barlow Co., Inc., 1979 (out of print).
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Escape from Alcatraz

Steve participated in a relay for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.  He did the biking portion.  This amazing man found time to get a little bit of training in before the ride.  

The course is rigorous and even though Steve was up against some of the best athletes in the world, he just wanted to beat the other Genesys team- which they did!

We enjoyed a nice early morning in the City. We hope Steve does it again next year.  It was very exciting to be around all the incredible athletes and my amazing husband.  

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Sonoma in the Fall

Steve and I got to spend a week in Sonoma in September.   I am just a little behind in my posts.   We actually stayed at the Fairmont where we met and got engaged. 

We began our trip having lunch at a winery.   
Steve began his business meetings, while. . . 

  I  hung out at the pool.   I decided that I would not spend my time running around since we get to Sonoma a few times a year.

Tuesday night is the famous Sonoma Farmer's Market.  Enjoyed tasting all the local food.  Reminiscent of our Summers in Sonoma.

Thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing time on the beautiful grounds.  It was very nice to have some quiet time.  (Thank you mom for staying with the kids)!

Enjoyed a luxurious day at the spa. 

Beautiful evening and  yummy food. 

A little night time swim. . .

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