Vacation Bible School- Happiest Place on Earth

Vacation Bible School is my favorite week of the year.  The church campus feels like the
"Happiest Place on Earth." 

This year Chelsea was with the older kids and stayed all day. 

Marky also ended up staying with the older kids on some of the days. 

Stevie liked hanging out with the couselors, Ian and Matt. Stevie is looking forward to being a counselor next year. 

All four of our children LOVE VBS. 

Matt has always LOVED VBS since he first went when he was 4.
  I love that he still continues to volunteer each year. 

Chelsea made some new friends this year. 

Marky singing, "Jesus" song.  Love Claire jumping in the background. 

"This Little Light of Mine"

Marky loves all the VBS songs.  He always listens and sings to his VBS songs. 

Singing time is so precious. 

Love this sweet face!

After Matt worked at VBS, he rushed over to play rehearsal.  He was busy this summer.

The kids enjoyed some rock climbing while they were at VBS. 

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Dads, Daughters, and Donuts

On a warm Saturday morning, we had quite a few Fathers and daughters over for a
Dads, Daughters, and Donuts event. 

We set up several stations around the yard.  The Fathers and Daughters all went around to the stations to do the activities. 

The girls filled out questionnaires about their fathers. 
Some found it a little challenging recalling their father's "favorites."

Some of the Dads getting acquainted. 

I had no idea that the fathers would get so competitive in the three-legged race. 

The best (sweetest part) was when each father talked about his daughter and finished the statement, "My Daughter is special because. . . "

The girl's faces lit up with joy as their fathers spoke very sweetly about them. 

The girls following their father's directions on how to tie a tie. 

We discovered that some of the Dads have hidden talents of hairstyling. 

We also had some good nail painters.  Just in case the high tech careers do not work out at least some of the fathers may have  back-up careers. 

The pudding in the sugar cone was a real hit with the girls but a real mess with the Dads.

Water balloons and donuts at the end. 

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Irish Dance 2012

Chelsea ended June with her big dance performance. 

Before the performance, Kaley so kindly did Chelsea's make-up. 

Chelsea's dance group did an amazing job at their Irish Dance.  They had really worked hard on their dance.  Chelsea joined this dance group mid-way through the year and all the girls were so welcoming and kind to Chelsea. 



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Lighthouse in the Marin Headlands

A few weeks ago, we went to the Point Bonitas Lighthouse in the Marin Headlands. 

Our family time feels less and less as Matt gets older.  I Love when we get to all do things together. 

This picture is so precious with Marky's arm around Steve.  I actually used this picture on Steve's Father's Day card.  Marky loves him so much. 

I love this picture.  Steve (as usual) is taking a moment to teach. 

A big reason why I love California so much is that there is so much to see and experience.  I love that within a short drive you can be at spectacular places. 

The views are spectacular. 

The kids were taking in all the beauty of the California Coast. 

I love visiting the coast and seeing the magnificence of the ocean. 

We love when the kids can get out in open space and can just run and explore. 

Matt even admitted as he walked along the headlands, that this was a good "take a date" place.  I took that as positive endorsement. 

Stevie and I were walking behind taking pictures of our beautiful world.  Since he has taken the GMS (technology) class, he is into photography (really, playing with the settings on the camera). 

The Golden Gate in the background was spectacular. 

The bridge we walked/ran down to the lighthouse. 

You actually go through a mountain to get to the lighthouse. 

It was so windy the day we visited the lighthouse, that the bridge leading out to the light house felt a little wobbly.   

This is our view from the bridge.  Made me a little nervous with Marky running on the bridge. 

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