The rest of Thanksgiving weekend. . .

The day after Thanksgiving, means Steve and the boys put up Christmas lights.  

Rudy was outside for awhile, but he prefers being cozy inside   

 The boys over for Thanksgiving leftovers. 

THe eve of Stevie leaving, we make street food sausages.  Jake and Colin help out in the kitchen.

Marky made blankets and donated to an animal shelter.  

 Only Mark made it to the Christmas parade this year.  We had lots of gingerbread cookies to share.  

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Thanksgiving 2018

This year we gathered for Thanksgiving at the Galviria home with 5 other families.  

The Grandmas were there.  

We had a crazy amount of food.  
Everyone made a turkey and we must have had 30 pounds of mash potatoes.  I brought the leftovers home and fed all the boys the next day.  

We played some games.

The ladies.

Matt & Tory catching up.

Mark spent a lot of time loving the dog.  

Thank you Heidi for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We celebrated Tommy's birthday.

Watched some football.

Tommy LOVED the pecan pie.

Catching up with good friends. 

Matt brings his cute coworker to dinner.

Tommy was really sick but he ate the whole pecan pie.  

Chelsea hanging with all the boys.  

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Thanksgiving Eve Service

Marky getting ready to sing for the Thanksgiving service.

 Matt and Kimberly joining in the fun.

Another set of boys back in town.

First year sitting in the stands instead of being on stage.  

A little chaos when all of Starfire and alumni go up to sing their song

Matt and his group of friends.

A reunion for Stevie too.

Our traditional family picture.  

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