July 2017 from my phone

Some of Mark's dinners that he made himself When you are the 4th child.

Not sure I remember the significance of this picture.

Framing on the guesthouse.

Back half of our house is gone.

Stevie wakeboarding, but need to get the video working.

Marky finding out where Dad is in the world.

Marky and I biking together this summer.  We would bike 13 miles

and stop and get refueled.

Prepping decorations for the goodbye party

Marky and I trying to play bocci ball with Rudy did not work.

Rudy kept chasing the ball.

Sewing a Wizard of Oz table cloth

Love these special ladies.

THese two are just babies.  We had to locate this picture since the dress got a second wear.

Our last Thursday lunch.

Feel honored and very special to be friends with all these amazing women.

 Mark and Jack at basketball camp at Stanford.

RUdy playing his favorite game. . .  Chase

and tug of war.

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starfire to the UK

 These boys get to check off playing Spikeball outside a cathedral in Ireland off their bucket list. 

Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland.  This picture was taken right before Jack fell down and broke his ankle.

So, I am not sure what was going on in these next few pictures.  

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