June 2017- from my phone

Words to live by in the Miami airport.

When you are twinning- both wearing college gear.

Boys at the Giants game.

Rudy enjoying playing with his buddies.

Framing of the guest house.

Chelsea and Alyssa.

Trying to find the right Tom Cruise look.

Game at the San Jose Giants.

Steve traveling to Asia.

Marky in basketball camp while mom was traveling.

Rudy playing with more friends.

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Father's Day 2017

Celebrating this wonderful father.  He just got home from somewhere around the world.

Steve is walking to join the kids in the water- Flordia Keys

Beach camping with the kids.

We went bowling for Father's Day.

The boys talking strategy.  They both had a rough day at the alley.

Stevie stunned that his mother is beating him at bowling.
 Can not believe that she bowled another strike.  

 Looking promising. . . 

 Father's Day monopoly game.

Of course, it would not be Father's Day without Steve fixing a blocked drain.

The kids adore their father.

 Chelsea writes the most beautiful cards.  She is truly gifted in her writing.  

AAAAh, this is so sweet.  

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Tokyo- Sky Tree

For our nephew Jack. . . Tokyo's Skytree, the tallest tower in the world and second tallest structure in the world, next to Dubai's Burj Khalifa (which we have been to also).

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Tokyo- Godzilla, Ueno Zoo, Giant Pandas, Samarais

Walking the streets of Tokyo on our way to the Samurai Museum.

A visit to the Samurai Museum.

Of course, we had to see the giant Pandas.

These two guys standing in front of the "The Gates of Hell."  Duplicate at Stanford.

My mom tried all her pastries.

Late nights in Tokyo.

The pastries were insane.  The artisty was amazing.

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