January Catch Up

A quick look at January. . . .

Mark in the Geography Bee.  Turns out that geography part of the geography bee also meant questions in science, entertainment, and space.  

When Rudy is banned to the outside, he makes the best of it.   

A winterformal question. . . 

Last bit of fun of Christmas break.

Pre-Bachelor premier watching night. . . playing cards

When Rudy decides it is time for bed.  

Rudy still loves getting underneath my desk chair.  Not sure if he realizes he does not fit anymore.  

 Chelsea's recital.  She played "Someone Like You" by Adele.

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Winter Formal 2017

With a special artist for this sign.  Thank you Kimberly!

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Steven at 17

Can't help myself to post a picture of this beautiful child at 1.

Seventeen Reasons we LOVE Steven:

1.  He is still exacting.
2.  He asks the most interesting questions while shopping.  Like mixing up waist/length measurements and what kind of shorts would most represent a heterosexual male.

3.  He LOVES Rudy.  Doesn't mind when Rudy takes up the entire bed.  
4.  Protein Shake connoisseur.  

5.  Spends time with Grandma listening to her advice (and I am sure following it).

6.  WE still refer to him as Eagle Scout Steven. 

7.  He has good, loyal, and strong friends.   A true friend helps you with your yard work. 

8. Likes to have a good time.
9. Good at fixing things and finding things in the attic.  ;)
10. Loves his engineering classes.

11. Not afraid to kayak through the Everglades and have other adventures.  

12.  Put together a cute promoprosal.  
13.  Has a darling girlfriend.  

14.  Gives it all as captain of the lacrosse team.  
15.  High scorer on the team.

16. Good sense of humor.
17.  Open to new experiences and growing.

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Marky the Artist

Marky took an art class this past semester.  He really concentrated on his art projects.  

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