Valentine's Day Party with the Girls

Chelsea and I planned a Valentine's Party for her friends.  All the girls met in Mrs. Martincic's room.  

For many of them, this is where it began six years ago.  

Each girl stood in front of the whiteboard, and the girls all wrote something lovely about each other.  This was my demonstration for the girls.  

Cyndi came to help out.  

The girls made stories with candy hearts.  We had heart bingo and heart attack, but the girls were most interested in 4-square.  
These cute girls have known each other since kindergarten and still are great friends.  

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Marky Birthday Part 2

Six reasons we love Marky.
He is so polite.  He always thanks me for dinner and every meal.
He plays a lot of basketball, 4-square, and baseball.
He is our Love Baby being born on Valentine's Day.
He  is a great reader and writer.
Always does his homework.
Tries his hardest to keep up with his older siblings.

Marky reading the card from Daddy.

Marky was so touched, he gave his Daddy a big hug.  This is my favorite picture.
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Marky Birthday Party

We celebrated Marky's 6th birthday in our backyard.  He had been counting down the days and couldn't wait to turn 6.  

Valentine's Day was on a Thursday this year.  We were able to hold his party on his actual birthday.  We met all of his friends at school and walked over to our house.

Steve and Stevie made a gigantic racetrack that covered the entire backyard.
Add a jumper and you have a fabulous time.

The kids dined on chicken nuggets, jam sandwiches, apples and goldfish.  

Marky wore his birthday hat for two days.  

Chelsea and Mo ran the games.  

Marky and Khloe eager to be the volunteer.  

Sharing a little laugh with a friend. 

Loving this picture.  

Pure excitement and joy.  

Stevie just as excited to open the gifts of legos.  

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Chasing Degas- Mother Daughter Book Club

We read this sweet book with the girls.  We learned about some famous French artists and marveled at their talent.  

The girls then made cute ballerinas to go with the story  

and we marveled at their talents.  

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New Jersey Cousin comes to California

Isabella accompanied her father on a business trip.  
We were so excited to have her come out to California.

The girls LOVED spending time together.  Chelsea and Cute Kate enjoyed having an extra girl around.  Sweet Isabella was so full of energy.  

While the girls were enjoying some much needed "girl time," the boys were being entertained by whatever game was on.  

Aunt Sophia gave each of the girls a sweet little gift.  

The girls made popcorn.  Isabella had not seen an air popper before and was amazed that the white kernels just flew out of the machine.  

We got on our pajamas for our "Night Owl Pajama Party." The girls were so cute when they opened their packages to see what owl they got.   

I love this sweet girl.  Kate is always so delightful to have over.  

Wish Isabella lived closer, so we could have a slumber party every week with these girls.  

They of course, had to run in and show Uncle Jason.   Isabella was so cute, she kept hugging her owl and carrying it around with her.  

On our way to church.  Isabella "Braved" going to church.  She even went to Sunday School.  She was very courageous going into an unfamiliar setting.  

The boys (and I mean Uncle Jason and Matt) enjoyed some bagel dogs and Dr. Pepper.  

And a big game of RISK before the Superbowl game.  

Love this guy!  So happy that he came out to visit us!!!  My kids love him.  So grateful to have such a wonderful big brother.  Loved that he acted "16" again with my boys.  

Chelsea and Isabella making Valentine's cookies.  

Playing UNO.  
 And they played LOTS of UNO.  

So glad that our New Jersey cousin came out to visit and the kids got some good cousin time.  

Cute cousins together- all the same age!!

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