An Evening in Santa Cruz with Max

Stevie had a lacrosse game in Santa Cruz.  We went to the game and then enjoyed a fun evening in Santa Cruz.  I got a lot of pictures of Santa Cruz but did not get any of Stevie playing lacrosse this season.  I think I was just trying to figure out the game of lacrosse that I never thought to take pictures.  Sorry Stevie!

We went to a Hamburger Shack for a Max's Birthday Dinner.  He "ordered up" by ordering a delicious looking pastrami sandwich.  We were all wishing we had ordered that. 

It was Max's birthday.  We had so much fun with him that day.

The bridge was a little shaky.  Funny, I remember going on this bridge countless times in high school.  Didn't seem so rickety back then. 

The kids loved having their cousin with him.  I wish we could have him up every weekend. 

The views were amazing. 

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Mother Daughter Book Club- Pot of Gold

The Rich Man and the Shoemaker

In March, we read "The Rich Man and the Shoemaker," by Jean de La Fontaine. 

Is it better to be poor and happy or rich and careworn? In this charming fable by La Fontaine, adapted by Bernadette Watts, a cheerful shoemaker finds his own answer to this question when his wealthy neighbor tempts him with unimaginable riches.

Here are the little handouts that went with the story. We read the story and then talked about what is our "pot of gold." Most of the girls talked about their family and friends. 
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Power of Moms on Mother's Day

The Power of Moms

A few months ago, I went to a conference about the Power of Moms.  It is always nice to be reminded about the things that are important in mothering and refocus our energy and time to our family.  I enjoyed the opportunity to rediscover ways to be a better mother to these four kids. 

I am grateful for wonderful parents.  We are so blessed to be able to see them often. 
Love them so much. 

Mother's Day Brunch at the Elks Lodge

Marky made 5 sweet cards for me.  I love his writing!

This year on Mother's Day, I took a few moments and wrote each child a note about how grateful I am to be their mother. 

 It is exciting to see them grow and develop in their own unique ways. 

The best talk given at the conference was by a woman who has 7 daughters. 
The title of her short talk was
 "How to be a Great Mom- More or Less"

She gave 4 "Mores" and 4 "Lesses" we could do to be great moms. 
1.  Hugs
2.  Praise
3.  Listening
4.  Giving jobs so your child can contribute and feel good

1.  Good things.  (So many great activities for kids to do, but you become too busy as a family and miss the best things). 
2.  Frowning
3.  Grounding (Give More choices for consequences)
4.  Good Guys/Bad Guys (don't take sides when kids are fighting.  Give both kids same consequences).

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Chelsea's 10th Birthday

Our precious girl turned 10. 

After her birthday party, we had some family time to celebrate Chelsea's ten years.  Her dinner of choice was sushi. 

A little volleyball after dinner.

Ten reasons we absolutely ADORE Chelsea
1.  She writes the best notes to her family. 
2.  She is willing to work hard to accomplish her goals.
3.  According to Marky, "Chelsea is the best big sister."
4.  She always runs to the door and greets Steve with a big hug and kiss.
5.  She is a gifted lyric writer and poet. 
6.  Chelsea is a fast runner and strong bike rider.
7.  She chooses amazing sweet girls as friends.
8.  She has so many interests:  tennis, Irish Dancing, piano, running, swimming
9.  Chelsea shows good intuition in certain situations.
10.  Chelsea has a very sweet smile and smiles a lot.

 Love this sweet girl!

Chelsea begins to open presents. 

You can see that Matt was thrilled beyond words to watch Chelsea open her presents. 

Stevie was a little better (or at least for the picture).

Chelsea is very excited about Matt's present.  He gave her a coupon to ride in the "Red Rocket" and get ice-cream. 
Chelsea excitedly opening her last present. 

A cozy blanket.  Nothing better to snuggle up in. 

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Chelsea's 10th Birthday Party

This year, we had a more simpler and smaller birthday party than last year.  Chelsea just invited a few friends from her class and we had a Hawaiian themed lunch. 

The girls came over Thursday after school. 

We were missing Madison who has been to all of Chelsea's birthdays.

Chelsea's menu of choice:  Fruit kabobs, Cucumber sandwiches, jam sandwiches, salami/pretzel/cream cheese rolls.

A little entertaining.

We headed to the Diddams Store to play a price game.  The girls were on a blue and red team based on their lei color.  Each team was given $10 to spend at Diddams Party Store and see how many things they could get in their team color. 

The girls then came home and played in the back yard. 

We had birthday cake of Twinkies and pink frosted sugar cookies. 

The moms.

Chelsea and Mo

Chelsea with Laynie, Sarah, and Madison

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