Palm Sunday- My Favorite Sunday

Palm Sunday is my favorite Sunday.  I love seeing all four kids walking down the aisle to the music carrying the Palm Leaves. 
Love the joy seen in Chelsea's face.  Love this sweet girl.
 During the first service, Stevie helped the young kids with their palms go down the aisle.  Stevie then sang in the youth choir for the second service. 
 Steve always goes early to save me seats.  I love to be in the very front in the aisle to see all me kids come down the aisle.
Marky's precious face. 
Marky was so serious about carrying his Palms. 
 Stevie and Matt sang in the second service.  The youth all walked down the aisle singing and carrying the Palms.  Love this picture of Stevie. 
Matt, of course, hides behind the  Palm so I can not get a good look at him. 
 Thanks Peter for looking at the camera. 
Just had to include the picture of Carol.  This picture sums up how special Palm Sunday is.  She led the youth down the aisle. 
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Family in Town

Bill and Johnathon came to visit Matt for a day. 
 They were able to see a lacrosse game. 
 Johnathon brought a lacrosse ball to have Matt sign the ball.  Matt's siblings on both sides adore him.  He is lucky to have six brothers and sisters. 
Stevie and Johnathon at Matt's lacrosse game.  Stevie missed his lacrosse practice to hang out with Johnathon.  Love that Johnathon and Stevie love to hang out together.  Wish they got to see each other more often. 
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Irish Dancing

Chelsea had her annual Irish Dance performance on St. Patrick's Day at the library. 

Her friends Julia and Sarah came to watch. 

Unfortunately, I still have not mastered the action photography.  Maybe for the big dance performance in June.

Cute Kate came to watch Chelsea.
 Grandma and Chelsea

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Looking forward to Working and Playing

Working at the snack shack at Matt's lacrosse game. The kids were so excited even counting days till it was our turn to run the snack shack. I stood outside while they managed the whole snack bar. 
Wish they had the same excitement over Saturday Chores. 

The kids were seriously so excited about working in the snack shack.  Look at Stevie getting someone's order of Nachos.  He was all business.

Kids ready to take Mountain View High Lacrosse Coach Juter's order.  Stevie gave him a gatorade "on the house."

Celebrating Uncle Ronnie's birthday at McDonald's.  He is 71.  The employees all know him from his weekly visits and gave him a free Happy Meal to celebrate his birthday.  The manager took Ronnie over to sit in his "usual" place.  He enjoyed being the center of attention. 

Kids having  fun at Matt's lacrosse game. 

Future lacrosse player??? 
 Love Stevie's expression of intently watching the game and Marky is running toward me to ask for money to go to the snack bar.  There are some advantages of being the 4th child-  I would have NEVER and still NEVER buy the junk food from the snack bar for Matt, Stevie, and Chelsea.  In fact, they do not even bother to ask.  Marky, on the other hand, I give him money for the snack bar everytime we go to a lacrosse game. 

Our very kind neighbors gave us tickets to the Sharks game.  Stevie and Sami were beyond thrilled to be able to go to their first Sharks game.  The Sharks even won!!!

 Coincidentally, Matt was already going with Peter and his family.    So grateful that Matt has such a good friend like Peter. 

Who is that sneaking in the picture in the back??
Taking a cake decorating class with some fun women. 
 I was working right next to this incredibly talented woman.  She pulled this book out to model her cake after.  This book, A Dress for Me,"  was written by my friend, Sue Fleiss.  Such a small world.  It was so much fun to get to know these women.  We will surely see each other again since we all have kids going to junior high at the same time. 

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Seeing Old Friends

March seemed like a month that we got to spend time with friends who had moved away or were about to move away.  It was such a joy for Chelsea to spend time with her precious friends.  She has some amazing girls as her friends. 

Our beloved Julia came and spent a few days with us. 

Sarah and family also joined us for some fun.

Sweet Cate came for dinner.  It was so fun to see her and Laura

All of us at dinner.

Aaah, the three girls trying to get in as much time as they can before Julia leaves for Oregon. 

Of course, we had to get Julia some In-n-Out.   A must when visiting California. 

Now we switch to seeing these cute girls.
Madison showed up in the same shirt as Chelsea.  Madison is always so happy.

Chelsea and Madison were so excited to spend the day (and night) with their friend, Aislynn at her new house.
The girls doing some crafts. We stopped on the way to see if Target had another shirt so the girls could all match, but the Target was out of St. Patrick's Day shirts.

More pictures from our fun week with Julia. 

 Julia and Chelsea at the movies on a school day.  This is the day that I found out that Julia was also skipping school.  I thought she was on Spring Break this whole time. 

Another good friend moved away. We had to say goodbye to Sam and family.
 The girls planned a wedding between Tyler and Isobel.  Stevie was "paid" to be the minister.  He certainly dressed the part. 
 As parents of the groom, the Craig and Laura walk down the aisle.  Think Craig is a little shell-shocked. 
 The Bridesmaids getting ready.  One flower girl needed a little motivational talk. 
 The Wedding Party waiting for the Bride. 
The Bride all thrilled.  She is so cute. 
 The Ring Bearer.

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