Uncle Jason

Jason came to visit us from the East Coast.  Feel so blessed to have such great brothers.  We were just missing Sam.  Wish we all lived closer.
Mom made Jason's favorite macaroni and cheese (there was some discrepancy about how many cheeses were in there).

Posing with the family.

Steve and Jason talking business.

Uncle Jason is so funny.
Jason is such a good role model for our kids. 

They end up laughing a lot. 
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Irish Dancing

Chelsea's Irish Dance performance at the Library last St. Patrick's Day (yes, almost a year ago).  Trying to play catch-up.  

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Stevie's Birthday Party

This year Stevie wanted a more quiet celebration. He invited his cousin and best friend to spend the day and night with him.    We were lucky that Stevie's birthday fell on a Friday this year.
Stevie is so lucky to have a best friend like Sami and a best cousin like Wyatt.  Stevie has always chosen great friends.  All of his friends help Stevie to be a better person.  Love Sami and Wyatt like my own boys.  

Earlier pictures in the year of Stevie with Wyatt and Sami.  

Stevie's favorite appetzier: Bacon Melts
Pre-party snack before Sky High
Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to give Stevie Birthday Wedgie.

Stevie's dinner choice:  Una Mas

Chelsea is excited for Stevie to read her card.  She wrote the sweetest poem for STevie.

Simple things in life:  Croutons and Pringles

Getting a blanket.  Marky reaching across the table to feel the softness.

Aaaaah, so happy with the blanket.

Late night video games in the garage.  Matt surprised Stevie by fixing the X-box.  It had been broken for over a month. 

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Happy Birthday Steven!

Stevie informed me that on January 20th, he would be a "pre-teen" not a "tween" anymore.  Hard to believe that our serious boy is 12 years old. 

12 Reasons We Love Stevie
1.  He loves his brother.  He is so sweet to Marky.  He is always playing with him and helping him.

2.  He loves singing in his youth choir.

3.  He has such a great smile.

4.  He loves spending time with his family.

 5.  He is courageous to try new things. 
New Sports.

New hairstyles.
6.  He chooses good friends.

7.  Steven LOVES his grandparents.
8.  His Mom and Dad feel prilviledged that this sweet, talented boy is our son.
9.  Whether it is watching sports on TV or playing video games, he does everything with passion.

10. He is very creative and good at building things.

11.  He is good at sports and a good teammate.

12. He does lots of activities with the Boy Scouts.

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2011 Odds and Ends

Here are some odds and ends.  These are pictures that are not enough to make an entire post about, but worth mentioning together.

Thanksgiving Eve

In May, Steve and I went to a 1920's party.

Tricks on the trampoline
Visit from a dear High School Friend.

Going through a pillow phase.  Not sure why, but Marky would put a pillow over his head and walk around the house.  You can see Matt trying to prevent him from running into the corner of the island.

In Monterey

Steve playing Match Alphabet Game with Marky.  Marky LOVED this game and they would play when Steve got home from work.

YMCA Father Daughter Dance

Cousin sleepovers

Marky's Favorite Food

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