Happy Birthday Matt

This year for Matt, we went to the Journey concert with two of his friends.  On October 27th, we had a more simple celebration.  Grandma and Grandpa came up for dinner.  Matt's choice was BBQ beef sandwiches and of course homemade chocolate cake. 

17 Years with this wonderful young man!!


Seventeen Reasons why we LOVE Matt!!!

He is truly happy for his siblings successes.
Matt enjoys spending time and developing his relationships with his Aunts and Uncles.
He Loves going to Church.
He loves being busy.
Matt likes to save money.
Matt likes to wear his hair short so I can see his beautiful blue eyes.
Matt has a great smile.
He is fiercly loyal and devoted to his grandparents.
He is easy-going about life.
Matt transitions from his life in Las Vegas to his life in Mountain View seamlessly.
Matt balances A LOT of extra-curricular activities at once.
He compliments the cook and he always has second helpings.
Found his passion of coaching children.
His sisters in Las Vegas call him "Super Big Brother."
Matt likes to try new things.
He does his own laundry.
He tries his best at the sports he plays.

Marky telling Matt how he decorated the infamous chocolate cake.

The Big First Bite by the Birthday Boy! Everyone is waiting patiently till Matt takes the first bite.

 Marky explaining his picture and how he put eyelashes on everyone's face.

It was the cutest birthday card.  Marky loves to draw pictures of his family. 

Nebraska championship ball from Grandma and Grandpa.

Stevie blindfolded Matt for his BIG birthday present. 
A look of surprise!!!

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Hiking in the Presidio

We found ourselves with a Saturday afternoon free.  This does not happen very often and will not happen again till end of November.   We thought we would hike in the Presidio and then go to dinner in San Francisco in the Marina (our favorite place). 

Love that we get to share one of our favorite places in the world with our children.  Love that they can see the beauty of the ocean and coastlines.  Love that we had an afternoon free to enjoy each other and San Francisco.

This picture is so beautiful!!! With the bridge and fog coming in.  It was such a spectacular afternoon.

Such a long way up. . .

The first trip on the stairs. . .
Steve getting a major work out. . . carrying Marky up the entire way.

Hot Chocolate at the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Tailgate: Stanford v Colorado

Another FUN Stanford game and tailgate. 

Monsi, Simran, Kaley, Chelsea, and Mo

Cool Stanford Fan.  He chose his clothes himself.  (notice the mismatched socks- he said he preferred it that way).

Lots of yummy food. 

The "Old Men" playing the Young Boys.  We were worried that Gerry might throw his back out with this high kick. 

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Journey Concert

For Matt's birthday, we took him and a couple of his friends to see Journey, Nightranger and Foreigner.  It was so much fun.  I thought this was Matt's first concert, so I was telling everyone that we were taking Matt to his first concert.  Matt then reminded me that we had taken him to see Journey three years ago.  So much for having a good memory. 
Nate and Nico surprising Matt (and painfully posing for pictures).
Pizza before we go.

Getting bikes ready to bike to Shoreline.

Trying to find out the "legal" age to ride without helmets.

Probably not getting the "Mother of the Year" award for this one.  Biking without helmets in the dark.   Though, it made for a quick get-away.
Met Hitesh and Mona on the lawn.  We enjoyed the people watching-  The best was people who are still stuck in the 80's.  

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