Matt and "Rethinking Church"

This summer, Matt participated in a musical called The Project.  It was written by his youth directors, Carol and Dirk Damonte.  It was about rethinking church.  Meaning you should be out in the world serving others not just sitting in a building on Sunday.  Matt had a "solo" and speaking parts.  It was so fun to watch him perform and be so committed to this cause.  Matt has always been courageous.  He always is willing to try new things and experiences.  Matt is such a good role model for his younger siblings.  I love to see what my children become passionate about and use their energy to make the world a better place. 

Matt will leave on tour for 2 1/2 weeks and go to Oregon, Washington, and Canada.  What an amazing experience to be able to do this.  Matt's Dad, grandparents, and aunt, uncle, Brim cousins all came to watch the performance on Friday.  On Saturday night, his California family came.  How blessed we are to have family all around us to come and support Matt!!!  So grateful that Matt has so many people to love him.

Matt, Larry and Sharron Brim- Larry and Sharron flew out here just to see the play. 

Matt and Bill

Becky and Mark Felt drove to see Matt.  Matt is lucky to have so much family devoted to him.

Matt, Chelsea and Rochelle
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Family Commitments & Marky's Rules to Live By

In our last Family Meeting, we talked to the kids about how the most important decisions are made while they are still young.  We discussed the decisions that they make now will determine how happy, successful, and healthy they will be for the rest of their lives.   We asked them to write down resolves or commitments that they would live by in their journals.  Things like: Don't Smoke, go to college, be honest, be healthy, etc.
Marky who had been listening to all of our conversations and not wanting to be left out, came up with his own list:
1.  No lying
2.  No Potty Talk
3.  Don't be sneaky
4.  Don't wake up on Christmas Night when Santa Claus is in your house.

Now, wouldn't we all be happier if we made and lived these four commitments?

Marky is such a "rule follower" and is filled with personality.  Love this sweet boy who brings so much joy to our lives!!!!
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Summer Happenings Jun - July 2011

Random selection of some of our Summer Activities
June - July 2011
Giants v. Cincinnati game with Stevie and Wyatt (reward for good grades).  Steve was happy because the Reds won.  We gave him a Giants shirt for Father's Day the following week.

Bonafonte Gardens Campout with Steve, Chelsea and Marky  Every year Bonafonte puts on a Father's Day campout.  Steve took the two younger kids.

Stevie was off to his first Boy Scout Camp. 

Had to be at the bus at 6:00 a.m.  Steve wishing he could go.
We should have taken a picture of Stevie when he got home.  He was so DIRTY.  I mean he was covered in dirt.  This is our conversation about his hygiene:
"Stevie, did you shower?"
 "I showered more than most kids."
"How many times did you take a shower?"

Learning to Sew

Sleep Overs with Best Friends and Cousins

Learning to Make Jam
Thank you to Judy Rode for helping Chelsea and I to make jam.

Learning to Drive
As you can see, Matt was mortified that we would think this was "picture worthy."

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4th of July!!!

Had a fabulous time celebrating the 4th of July with our cousins and Aunt and Uncle.  We spent the day at our parents's club.  The same club that we spent our 4th of Julys growing up.  So glad Craig and my kids get to grow up together.  Love them!!!  They are all best friends.

Too Cool Cousins with new sunglasses:

The boys impressed that their Uncle Jason and Uncle Sam's records are still holding 25 years later.

The kids enjoyed Root Beer Floats and Nachos.

They did a Soda Pop Dive.

Trying to keep the Mulliner tradition alive.  Waiting to go for the T-shirt Relay Race.  Matt, Max, Wyatt and Stevie were on a team.  I think next year, Craig, Sheila, Steve and I need to enter the contest.  Give the boys a real challenge.

Jumping off the diving board was a big hit for everyone.

Belly Flop contests.  Marky and Stevie were in the Final Five of the contest (out of 50 kids).  We were all very impressed at their Belly Flopping skills.  We kept telling Marky jump on your stomach and he did.   Both their stomachs were so red after the contest.

Stevie added a few tricks to his belly flop.  He had a triple spin before he landed flat as a pancake.

The judges liked it!!!!
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Halloween 2010

Quickly get this in before Halloween 2011 and whew, I am caught up!

After a dinner of BLT's and soup, the magic begins. . .

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Halloween Pasts (catch-up) 2003-2009

We love Fall!!!  New school supplies, new classes and Halloween!  I love having the kids sit in front of the front door to take Halloween pictures.  I love the excitement as they get ready to go Trick or Treating.  Our traditional dinner for Halloween is BLT's and soup.  I love seeing the costumes the kids choose each year and it also is a good reminder as to what they were into that year!!!!
This is a Halloween catch up from 2003 and beyond!  



Can just eat her up.  She was sooooo cute as Dorothy!  I miss watching that movie everyday with her!





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